What happens if a recurring payment plan customer moves to another bank?

If your customer lets you know they’ve changed banks, you’ll need to ask them to sign a new direct debit authority on their new bank account number or a new recurring payment form for their card before their next payment is due.

If a customer with a direct debit payment plan transfers their account to another bank, the new bank may send you a DDI Transfer Advice. You need to send the DDI Transfer Advice to us at Fetch so we can update the records.

If a customer with a recurring card payment plan lets you know they would like to change their Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card number, you will need to ask them to sign a new payment authority form with the new card details. You can then update the card details in the Fetch System by editing the card details in the plan. To do this, click on Plan list in Recurring card payments. Click on the Plan ID number to open that plan, then scroll down to edit the card details.

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