If you run a business with repeat customers (like a daycare centre or gym), you can use Fetch™ recurring payments to sign your customers up to pay you by direct debit from their bank account, or by recurring card payment from their debit or credit card — something previously only available to large companies.

 How it works

  • You’ll get your customers to sign a direct debit authority form or a recurring card payments authority form.
  • Their details will be loaded into the Fetch system.
  • Then, when each payment is due, their account or card will be debited automatically.

You’ll know ahead of time the date and amounts you’ll receive from your customers — and paying you will just be part of your customers’ routines.

You can also set up payment plans so customers can pay off larger bills in smaller, more manageable payments.

What does it cost?

For information on our rates and fees, or to find out more, call us on 0800 233 824